Your New Instant 10 Hour Wholesaler Business
Done for You System to Escape the 9-5, Replace Your Income Wholesaling Houses Online in Under 10 Hours a Week, Without Experience, Tech Skills Or Your Own Money!

What You'll Receive Today...

100 Done-For-You BOL Leads
Our Virtual Partners start implementing for you right away to find you our propriety 10HW BOL (Burnt Out Landlord) leads. We will provide 100 warm BOL leads to get you jumpstarted! 
Target Market Finder
Let our team help you choose the best 10HW active target markets in the nation for the best results of partnering virtually. 
10HW 2.0 Wholesaler Partner Scripts
You will receive access to our exclusive 10HW 2.0 Wholesaler partner phone, text and email scripts which have been proven to produce results for over 10 years.
Our Coveted Accredited Wholesaler Alliance
Our virtual partners will provide you of a list of 10HW accredited wholesalers to partner with in your 10HW target market. 
1 Month Of Private Coaching With THE 10 Hour Wholesaler
Hop on a two biweekly coaching calls with Justin, The 10 Hour Wholesaler to ensure your business is on track. 
The 10 Hour Wholesaler 2.0 Exclusive Joint Agreement 
This attorney created document will ensure that you and your Accredited Wholesaler have an agreement to share profits on the 10HW lead you provide. You cannot find this priceless document anywhere else.

10HW 2.0 Full Access Membership

You will receive lifetime access to the 10HW 2.0 membership including brand new training modules walking you through the process step-by-step. 

Unlimited Admin Support

The 10HW team is here for you! You will receive unlimited support. 

Virtual Partner Manager

You will be assigned a Virtual Partner Manager to keep your business on track. 

10 HW 2.0 Contract Vault

You will receive all of the exclusive 10HW 2.0 contracts and scripts you'll need to partner and close deals. 

Funding Rolodex

You will have access to many funding sources to get your deal closed quickly and easily. 

Lifetime Access to Our Coaching Alliance 

Become a member of our coaching community for life. Partnership opportunities, resource sharing, and the newest investing strategies are all available within the alliance. 
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Your New Instant 10 Hour Wholesaler Business

You're Just 60 Seconds From Owning a 10 Hour Wholesaling Business For Only $21,455 $4,997!




Item Price
Just 2 Payments of $2,997
Just 2 Payments of $2,997

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  • 10HW 2.0 Membership Access - Exclusive training & playbook to implement you new 10HW business ($1,497 Value) 
  • ​Implementation Coaching - 2 bi-weekly coaching calls with Justin to be sure your business is on track ($10,000 Value)
  • 10 HW 2.0 BOL Leads System - Done for you Lead generation will generate 100 exclusive BOL (Burnt Out Landlord) Leads to jumpstart your business! ($4,564 Value)
  • ​10HW 2.0 Target Market Finder - Let us help you find your ideal 10HW target market ($197 Value)
  • 10HW Accredited Wholesaler Alliance - Your coveted list of 10HW Accredited Wholesalers to partner with in your 10HW target market.  (Priceless)
  •  The 10 Hour SOP's - Never wonder what to do/next again (PRICELESS
  •  10HW 2.0 Wholesaler Partner Scripts - Access to our exclusive 10HW 2.0 Wholesaler partner phone, text and email scripts. ($3,997 Value)
  • ​The 10 Hour Wholesaler 2.0 Exclusive Joint Agreement - Attorney created document will ensure that your lead is secure and you will get paid. (Priceless)
  •  Rare Partnership Opportunity ( Again, Priceless)


  • ​​Lifetime Access To Our Inner Circle Mastermind & Coaching - Get Live Coaching From Me Weekly & Partnership Opportunities ($1,200 Per Year/PRICELESS!)
  • ​Unlimited Admin Support -  We Have your Back! (Priceless)

TOTAL VALUE: $21,455